"It is a stone and not a stone, in this lies the art alone: nature has made it so, though not to perfection brought; its like will not on earth be found, it grows in mountain and in ground, materiam primam ought on to call it: He is wise, if he knows it." -  this is an extract from a book on alchemy - the philosophers stone - a scientific/mathematical, philosophical and spiritual search for the source of harmony and enlightenment - the "full comprehension of a situation"

Interested in this subject, the human condition and the beauty of nature itself and fascinated by the endless possibilities that clay as a material has to offer I find that ones meaning and the others materiality lend themselves beautifully to each other, strengthening my exploration of subject and mater with meaning and the joy of making. 

“Her work revels in the rawness of life and feeling in a very dramatic way and always unafraid of its visceral reality. Dias was born in Portugal and her childhood was devoid of museums but steeped in religion. The church interior, for her, was the art gallery, and its sonorous forms, colours, and emotions exert a deep pull. But her work is far from sombre; although it is cast from dead things, hearts, husks and tongues for example, it seethes with life in the face of death, its exuberant colours and intricate organic forms rooted in the world of nature, the world we live in.”
 Emma Maiden - Ceramic review; issue 257 pg 27